Personal Managers for children & young people from RAaW London.
“Representing Professional, Fresh & RAaW Talent.”
About Us
The beginning:
RAaW Management was established in October 2012 as RS Management by Robbi Stevens and Kandice Morris. It grew out of successes in film, theatre and training from its sister company RAaW - established in 1999. Kandice and Robbi were keen to develop trusting relationships not only with industry professionals, but between artist and agent. It was important right from the beginning, that the actor felt in control of their career, whilst benefiting from a hardworking and confident team behind them.

"An agent you trust is one thing.. An agent you can confide in and talk to for any and everything changes the entire game." - Anton (Client)

Shortly after being established Erim Metto came on board, whose experience in business goes back many years and includes the development of over 300 community orientated initiatives. His business expertise has given RAaW Management a strong grounding in business direction, legal standing and accounting well-being.

Where we are today:
Due to the ongoing successes of RAaW it was only right to join forces and just merge under one name: RAaW Management! We are always searching for actors who have a rawness to them, knowing where their authenticity lies and having a skill level that enables them to compete in this demanding industry.

We represent up to fifty children and young people who train with our sister company's - RAaW Kids and RAaW Training. We are also Personal Managers for five adult clients outside of this.

"The management has given me a chance to utilise the skills that I have developed at RAaW in a professional environment. RAaW gives me the opportunity to audition for feature films, shirt films commercials and theatre. Because of this, my portfolio of experience has increased which has made me a better actor overall. Kandice and Robbi are always here to help if I have an issue or need advice for an audition meaning that I always go in feeling supported." - Reda (Client & Student at RAaW)

If you wish to gather further training please visit our sister company - RAaW London.

If you wish to be considered for Personal Management, please get in touch with us directly on our contact page. There are currently vacancies for particular types - please get in touch to find out more.

Other bits:
  • Our clients get work across the field: feature films (UK and abroad), TV, commercials, shorts, co-operatives, music videos and theatre.
  • We are exclusive and part co-op (adult actors come into the office to help when they can).
  • We represent confident, skilled but raw actors ranging from 6-20 and personally manage 5 older clients * Due to our wide ranging close connection with many actors aged 4 - 35 through RAaW, we often act as a 'casting depot' for Production and TV Companies looking for authentic, professional talent.
  • Our actors are constantly working on their craft and not waiting for the phone to ring.
  • We have good relationships with licensing departments of local councils.
  • We thoroughly read each casting breakdown and only suggest clients who are suitable.
  • Our kids from 6 - 20 are getting film experience every week through our course at RAaW Training, where we are more about the truth and authentic performances than stagey theatrical ones.
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