Representing children & young people from RAaW London.
Personal Managers for selected adult actors.
“Representing Professional, Fresh & RAaW Talent.”
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Life with RAaW
16 Nov 2016
Living in London has given me access to a much broader view on the world, while working in London with RAaW has given me a much more global view on the entertainment industry. I have only ever experienced the entertainment industry in San Francisco and Los Angeles back in California, so to be able t...

Recent News
08 Nov 2016
In the summer of 2016 Anton went over seas to film the current series of TYRANT , by 21st Century Fox, directed by Charlotte Brandstorm, playing an American soldier. Since then he filmed an independent pilot series called 'Ghetto Heaven' and flew to Eastern Europe to star in the next Pepsi ad. ...

RAaW Management
22 Apr 2016
Due to the ongoing successes of RAaW London it was only right to join forces and just merge under one name: RAaW Management! For more information about us check out the page....

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